Wanted electrician apprentice in Toronto. Electrician apprentice wanted in Mississauga

What if you never saw such an ad? Few tips from an Electrical Contractor's prospective for those trying to get into an electrician apprenticeship.

Please do not call!

Never call Electrical Contractors. That is the worst thing you can do. ECs are busy people and such calls usually come at the worst time when we are working, or talking to a customer, or are at the important meeting. Five calls a day will drive crazy any EC. Therefore, just NEVER, EVER, EVER call contractors just to ask if they needed an apprentice.

The best and less intrusive way is obviously emailing your resume. Even if I did not need an apprentice at the moment I would keep an interesting resume received via email and find it at a later date.

The following are the MOST IMPORTANT TIPS as to how to increase YOUR chances of getting the apprenticeship.

1. Think of what Electrical Contractors want. Put yourself in their shoes. Forget what you want completely. Offer something that an EC may need. Offer a benefit or at least something interesting, or useful. Be creative. Surprise me with something I might want and you can help me to get.

2. There are various government labor and employment agencies offering financial incentives to employers if they hired an apprentice. Go and get familiar with all such programs. And find an agency to back your application up with as many incentives as possible. Obtain application forms and instead of "looking for a challenging position" indicate these incentives in you resume. Surprise me with delivering something really important to me from the start. And also mention in the cover letter that you were willing to do all the paperwork, fill in the forms, and deliver them to me and then to the agency all by yourself. Why? Because I tried once to take on an apprentice but was overwhelmed with the forms, paperwork, and bureaucratic hurdles. After spending several hours I gave up and let the applicant go.

3. Do not wait for your chance while doing nothing. Go get any construction or renovation job. Such experience is invaluable. ECs pay attention and appreciate time you worked on construction and renovation. Or go and get additional technical courses. Here is the best advice I may offer. Go and learn how to do wire fishing. The TV cable and network Cat5 or Cat6 wire fishing work does not require a license. But this experience is in very high demand among residential contractors working on finished houses. In fact, it often impossible to find a reasonably priced wire fishing PRO with his own car and tools. And while waiting for the apprenticeship you can make a very good living doing the wire fishing and network cabling work.

4. Go buy a high quality hand tools and a pouch. Ideally, you will have a brand name cordless drill as well. Include this in your resume.

5. Show your willingness to get in and even to work for free for a couple of days. That would demonstrate your drive towards becoming an apprentice electrician in Toronto. Your commitment is very important to us...  Decent ECs will pay you anyway even during the trial period.

6. Show eagerness to do the dirtiest, hardest and least skilled work. Understandably, instead of doing such work myself I will give it to you. And if I smell reluctance or unwillingness I will NOT hire you. So demonstrate your enthusiasm no matter what.

7. Do EXCLUDE useless blah, blah, blah, from your resume like:

Seeking position as an electrical apprentice within a progressive and forward thinking company (what if my company is not a "forward thinking one"?)
I am keen to get more challenges and chances to prove myself
I am seeking for a position in your company that will challenge my skills and continue my growth
Able to learn new skills quickly and think independently
Motivated, reliable, punctual young man looking to obtain a position in a company, where I can utilize the technical skills and comprehensive professional training
To gain employment in an established company where I may utilize my skills to the best of my ability
To find an opportunity to increase my knowledge, and use it to the benefit of your company
I am an accountable individual who is able to complete any task given with a positive approach
Having excellent communication skills not only allows me to work independently, but as a team member
I am very organized, hard working and willing to learn new material
Evidence of my leadership and electric skills can be seen through my commitment to academics
Fast learner who works equally well as part of a team or autonomously
Thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment
Seeking employment in a strong and progressive organization
Self-motivated with the ability to produce and deliver results ahead of schedule
A decision maker, well organized, resourceful and able to lead
To start my career while greatly benefiting your company
Hobbies, sport

We already know that you have got all these skills and abilities. And we do not have time to read the BS.

Instead give a short list of the actual hands on experience or what you really can do with your hands.

8. I personally prefer to receive resumes in the email body and NOT as an attachment. Why? Because it is faster to open, read, and it is easily searchable. Attached resume requires more of my time and frankly I just delete those emails with attached resumes. Sorry. (Remember I told you to think what an employer wants or likes? As an average human being I want to save my time and I like things done my way. Period.)

9. If hired, never stay idle. When there is nothing to do, don't hide from the foreman or EC. Go and ask your boss or others what you can do next. And if no one is around then clean around, take the garbage out, sweep the floors. There is always something left to do. Think about it, search for it, and just do it. EC will know 90% about who you are as a man in about three days. It will take several more days for him to figure out how good you are with your head and hands.

10. Read three or four "self improvement" books like "how to get one hundred friends" or "how to succeed in life". All those books say basically one thing - be good to other people, think in advance whether your action would benefit or hurt others, treat others the way you want them to treat you (treat them even better). That would be my second MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE.

11. Never be late, do ask questions if you don't know or are not sure about something. Better ask 100 times than make one mistake. And do not do something that is risky or dangerous. No matter what, just don't do it.

12. Place your employer's interests ahead of your own. You will have to limit yourself in chasing girls, drinking and partying till next morning to some extend. If you were late, or sleepy, or still half drunk in the morning I will let you go to continue partying.


A unionized first year apprentice electrician hourly wage package in Ontario: Base Rate $16.51. Total Package $27.86 as of 2015. Total package includes insurance and other thing the ES pays out of his pocket to keep you employed.

Non unionized and small ECs pay less. Yet, you can still make a decent living.

Have a look at the best electrician apprentice resume in Toronto. I sponsored and hired this first year electrician apprentice right away!

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