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Our Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm hourly rates for short jobs:

We charge a minimum $160 service call fee, which includes sixty minutes or less of work for very short jobs + $60/hr after the first hour. You will pay exactly as much as it takes or costs to do the job.

Plus we charge DOUBLE for parts & materials. Here is why
We do free estimates for jobs worth
about $3000 or more. And our overall
rates for large projects are lower.

We charge $20 to $30 higher service call fee and higher hourly rate in downtown or where parking is not free, restricted, hard to find and in buildings where getting to and from the parking area is difficult or time consuming.

And we charge higher rates if your house, building, property or work site is far away.

Please have enough cash or certified cheque on hand. Why? Because every 15th or so regular cheque we receive gets bounced and its enforcement costs us too much money. Actually, we are absolutely defenseless and powerless when a $300 or $600 cheque gets bounced, stopped or NSF. We can not afford wasting many hours in a small claims court trying to get paid.

So, a cash payment, certified cheque or another form of payment guaranteed by a bank is due right after electrician has finished the job. Time is counted from the moment he has arrived, to the moment he is paid and ready to leave. So please have the certified cheque, more than enough cash on hand, or another form of guaranteed payment readily available to avoid expensive delays.

Invoice or receipt is issued on the spot.

We charge 100% higher price for our materials. Or we charge double retail price comparing to when you buy the parts yourself by the piece or by the meter.

Example, if one meter of wire costs $2 in a Home Hardware or Canadian Tire store, you would have to pay us $4 for one meter of the same wire.


We use ONLY your supplies, all of them. Including the smallest, tiniest $0.01 cent screws. Naturally, we charge NOTHING for the materials because we would not use any of our stuff.

Why do we charge double retail price for our parts?

Because we spend our time buying the materials and keeping enough of all necessary items in the vehicle.

Stocking and restocking hundreds of things in the van to have them readily available for your particular job is time consuming. Various jobs require different items. So we have to spend 30 to 40 minutes every morning preparing for the day's work. Taking out from the vehicle some unnecessary stuff and loading-in other materials required for your particular job today is a part of our work. We spend time and effort doing it. Our time and labor costs money. We do not work for free and therefore we charge our customers more for supplies.

We have to stock much more parts in the vehicle than a single particular job requires. Why? Because if we needed a single special screw or a particular connector and if it was not there, then we wouldn't be able to complete the job.

So we always drive around with 800 kilograms or so of spare parts in the vehicle. And it takes gas. Some of the materials we carry a year or two before we use them. The cost of gasoline makes our parts even more expensive. And if we did not have that single screw or connector, then we would have no choice but to go and get it. One part worth $3 takes 60 min to buy on average including driving time. But it could also take 3 hours or more to find and bring back.

Should we charge you from $50 to $200 for our time of finding and getting the $0.01 cent screw or $3 connector? Or should we do it for free? We don't think so. Instead we charge a reasonable and affordable 100% higher price just to break even on the cost of the stock.

Storage of the parts at the company base requires space. We have to pay for the storage space.

Obviously, we can not compete in price with retail stores we buy the supplies from. Their electrical section is 1000 times bigger than our vehicle in size, they carry inventory of 100,000 electrical items, they have thousands of customers and a turnover of millions of dollars. And they do NOT deliver a switch or a few feet of wire to your door. WE DO THAT!

If you decided to buy materials yourself you would have to drive to the store and then spend time finding the right stuff, paying for it and driving it back. So your $30 item purchase becomes $100 or $250 expenditure depending of how high you value your leisure time or what is your pay rate at work. And then what if you have bought the wrong stuff, or an installer unfriendly one?

When our licensed expert comes he would not be able to work because of that. What if you forgot to get that single screw or connector? You will have to drive back and spend another half an hour to three hours on buying it. And what about frustration, stress, wasted time, money and possible argument or even a conflict? Who would you blame?
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We either use ONLY our parts, all of them. Or we use ONLY your materials, all of them. Including smallest, tiniest $0.01 cent screws. Why? Because we will arrive with our stock already in the van. We will have already spent time and effort. Nevertheless, we would still be willing to use your stuff ONLY. And charge NOTHING extra. Hopefully you would save $10 to $100 if you had hundreds of various wires, boxes, connectors, screws, etc. in stock.

Please choose and let us know whether you wanted to supply all the materials yourself or ready to pay double for our stuff.