Best electrician apprentice resume in Toronto. I sponsored and hired this first year electrician apprentice right away!

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Sample of the best ever electrician apprentice resume and cover letter in Toronto.

I am a young man. My father made me understand how to become successful at work. He taught me to forget about what I want. And think of what my employer, an electrical contractor wants.

I now know exactly what kind of apprentice you are looking for.

It is me!

I will always try to put myself in your shoes.

I will do what I told to. You can absolutely rely on me. Order me to do something and it will be done on time.

I know you hate seeing workers sitting around, waiting, doing nothing, flushing your money down the drain. I will never stay idle. I will ask for the next assignment, or organize the workplace, take the garbage out, clean, sweep the floors. Or ask questions trying to learn new things from experienced electricians.

In one week you will see that I am a determined, hardworking, honest and trustworthy man.

I will arrive five minutes early every day. First at the door in the morning I will instantly remember what to do and what not.

You will let me worry about basic tasks, little problems or unpleasant issues so you and others can focus on what matters.

In two months I will be able to do some work on my own.

In four you will notice my reliability, punctuality, intelligence and entrepreneurship.

Another two months later you will promote me to supervise other apprentices.

In a couple of years I will do the work of an average licensed electrician without supervision.

In four years or so you will make me a foreman or a crew leader and make me a business partner right after I get my CQ.

I am not afraid of the mundane or unpleasant work. But on the long run I will make your company more profitable and your life much easier. Simply because it is my only way higher and higher to the very top!


He put a very short list of experiences, education, etc. That list is not shown.

Got an original and appealing resume? Place it here. I will publish if it's really something and notify seven or so other electrical contractors I work with.

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