Electrical Inspection. Toronto Insurance Electrical Report

House Electrical Inspection

Commercial property inspection for insurance purposes

Renovation Electrical Inspections (before the ESA inspection)

Knob and Tube & Aluminum Wiring Inspections in Toronto

Some insurance companies require a certificate of inspection from a qualified electrician in addition to the Building Home Inspection report

This is especially the case for houses with Knob and Tube wiring built prior to 1950. Second high risk group of houses is associated with Aluminum Wiring used from the mid 1960's to the early 1970's

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission research - Houses built or wired with aluminum before 1972 are 55 times more likely to have one or more connections reach Fire Hazard Condition than are homes wired with copper

Post 1972 aluminum wiring is also a concern

Toronto Master Electrician performs:

House safety evaluations
Property electrical inspection
Assessment for DIY renovators

Entire Building electrical inspection
Residential, Commercial and Industrial
Certificate requested by insurance agent

Comprehensive electrical system assessment
Consulting and inspection for general contractors
Safety inspection to reduce your insurance premiums

Complete house evaluation to check wiring system condition
Electrical Property Report is a great selling tool for home-sellers
Inspection to uncover safety concerns & to evaluate cost of repairs

Consultation and report for home renovators and renovation contractors
Express inspection for Toronto Real Estate, Insurance agents and home buyers
Home seller, know what you are selling, avoid surprises or drastic price reductions

Stealing electricity, tapping into my electricity, tapped in on our side of meter inspection
Dispute consultation, bad workmanship, lousy wiring checks for homeowner & contractors
Compliance with house wiring code. Residential commercial Canadian electrical code compliance

Our certified report could greatly reduce home owner's insurance premiums

If Knob and Tube or Aluminum Wiring is present, we check its condition and advise you on the best possible action. We also give you a cost estimate and options of eliminating the problem ranging from a few hundred dollar repair to complete replacement of the old wiring

We make it easier to collect formal opinions from authorities and experts showing that Knob and Tube is not a fire hazard in itself. It's poor condition is. We will help you to find an insurance company, which accepts Knob and Tube properties and does not rip you off at the same time

Inspection from a qualified electrician is an inexpensive step that gives you a peace of mind and/or information necessary to make the right decision

To get the price of inspection, please email your postal code, total property square footage & what kind of inspection is needed

Our evaluation is not a substitute for the ESA inspection

If you are planning to, are in the process of, or any electrical work has already
been done on your property, you must get a permit and report from the ESA at  1 (877) 372-7233

Yet, we could always have a look, point out and/or fix problems or
code violations on the property to ensure a positive report from the ESA

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