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Some indicators of dangerous electrical problems when you should call an Emergency Electrician right away are:

Even a faint odor of burning plastic from a wall socket, flickering lights, or randomly dimming lights should raise your concern

Another bad sign of a serious electrical problem is visible arcing when you plug something in. Buzzing noise from a circuit breaker. Crackling or humming noise, hissing or sizzling sound and smell or smoke coming from the electrical panel also indicate a potentially serious electrical emergency problem. Shut the power off and call an emergency electrician in Toronto right away. Or call 911

Don't confuse the breaker and panel sounds with transformer or ballast noise. Transformers or ballasts are neither silent, nor noiseless during the normal operation

A single loose contact screw in a switch, outlet or electric panel could cause problems from arcing, to slow burning around the screw, to terrible consequences like a major electrical fire if the fire jumped out of the junction box or out of the panel to the dusty dry wood or another surrounding flammable material

There are two problems in this breakers' panel:

Problem number one - main breaker screw
is loose resulting in arcing and burning at
the screw. Consequently, lights flicker all
over the house and other electrical equipment
in the house does not function properly
Problem number two - 40 Amp stove
breaker screw is also loose causing arc
burning around the screw. As a result it
has burnt the breaker's guts and the
breaker fell apart. See the next picture

A single loose screw has caused this emergency situation

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