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Small wiring jobs around Yonge Street
Eglinton Ave house problem elimination
Building electrical contractor in Toronto

Install house, office, store, condo lights & wiring
Troubleshoot tripping breaker & emergency repairs
Davisville Ave, Yonge St., Eglinton Ave panels & circuits

Three year guarantee on labor. Fully licensed, bonded and insured


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We also do house or building fuse box upgrade to a bigger 100 Amp, 200 Amp or 400 Amp breaker panel

Including service upgrade and electrical room construction

Most faults, failures, issues and emergency repair calls are associated with blown fuses and tripping breakers. And the majority of such problems are caused by outdated fuse panels. Or by insufficient breakers' load centers that are not big enough to handle the loads of a modern household

A fuse is an device used to protect a circuit from damage caused by an overload or a short

Fuses consist of a melting metal conductor core inside a non-conducting shell. The core is connected to two copper poles. That core will melt when the current flowing through the circuit and through that melting conductor exceeds a preset level. Fuses melt first breaking the circuit and therefore protecting the rest of the circuit from overloading, overheating, melting, fire and damage. Blown fuse can not be reused

A circuit breaker is a contemporary alternative to the fuse. Breaker controls the amount of current running through the line wire. Circuit breaker is an automatically operated switch which opens the circuit and protects cables from overheating, melting, overloading and damage. Breaker is designed to withstand multiple trippings and remain functional

A home or business owner who places 20 Amp or 30 Amp fuse on a 15 Amp circuit actually turns everything upside down. Now the fuse can withstand 20 Amp or 30 Amp current but the 15 Amp wire inside the wall would burn and melt causing an inferno. Same applies to higher Amp breakers. Replace a 15 Amp breaker protecting 15 Amp branch with a 30 Amp breaker and you won't need and emergency electrician. Your neighbor would call a fire department and an ambulance if you were lucky or a funeral home if you were not. So never do this unless you are highly suicidal

Moreover, your insurance claim would be denied due to the evidence of tampering with the load center by an unauthorized person, which is you

There are many obsolete fuse boxes left in older Toronto houses along Eglinton Ave West. A new breaker panel would improve your home's capacity and safety. Modern breakers panel dramatically reduces the number of faults and power outage times. At the same time it allows to add loads necessary in a modern house. It will make any house or building more reliable, comfortable, user friendly and increase its market value!

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