Lights flicker electrician in Toronto. Unstable power causes lights to dim or get brighter

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Remedy brightening, dimming or flickering lights

Fluctuating electricity affects all appliances and devices in the house or building

The origin of dimming, brightening or flickering lights is an unstable voltage. Which, in turn, is a result of bad connection somewhere in the circuit

Beware! The cause of flickering lights could be a poor contact and burning
Consider shutting down the power and calling us as soon as you can

Other possible causes of dimming, brightening or flickering are:

if a single light is dimming or brightening randomly, it could be a connection problem inside the fixture itself, its switch, or dimmer

if a group of lights is affected, then there is a loose connection, partially broken or disconnected wire somewhere in the circuit. Call us, we will test all the splicing and termination points. Starting from the panel where the circuit breaker is sitting, all the way to each wire in the circuit connected to the flickering lights

if all lights are flickering chaotically, then there is loose connection either in the main breaker, service wires or meter box. Hydro service drop or power supply wires hooking up the house to the grid could also be responsible. Contact this licensed expert to quickly diagnose and correct the problem

starting larger loads, like A/C or clothes dryer can cause a brief dimming too. This is due to a voltage drop, caused by an excessive load spike. An old house 60 Amp fuse panel and service is not powerful enough and should be upgraded to a larger size of 100 Amp. We are your best bet for such an upgrade. A sub-panel or pony panel can also be the one to blame

if turning switch or appliance on and off causes some lights to randomly dim, others to get brighter or flicker, there could be a defect in the neutral conductor

other faults associated with a bad contact or loose connection are:

- sound, smell or traces of melting & smoke
- losing some power partially, periodically or completely
- weird and unexpected things going on with devices or equipment
- some or all appliances and bulbs would not turn on or would not work properly

Contact this licensed PRO to diagnose and correct the trouble

When power fluctuates, spikes and drops accompany the disruptions. These voltage tops and bottoms can damage electronic equipment, computer, TV, etc. So in the meantime, shut down all electronics and as many appliances as possible (dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc.)

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