Help to Do It Yourself Pot light Installers. Toronto DIY Potlights

Pot light installation in Toronto

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You are a happy homeowner in the GTA. You plan to install new
pot lights without ripping the drywall for wiring. And you need help...

Here you are:

Paid wiring tips
Helping DIY installer
Detailed how to instruction

Correct distance in between
Consultation & demonstration
Location & number of luminaires

Helping to remodel you house quick
How many units do I need to per room?
Consulting on this work for DIY renovators

How to put fixtures in the pre-finished rooms
Hire me for half a day, then finish the job without me
We'll start doing it together. I'll show how to do it the right way

Finished ceiling - how to fish wires without damaging drywall or making cuts
I could come to your house and teach you how to do the job. One hour or less $170
two hours or less $230, plus $55 an hour after two hours. Extra fee applies to remote sites

West of Mississauga road, North of Major Mackenzie drive, or East of Port Union road + parking
I will also explain and show how far apart should they be. And how far from each other to place the units


Help to Pot light Installers, electrician in Toronto 647 800 5466

We discourage homeowners to do it themselves
We assume no responsibility whatsoever for the work done by homeowner
We strongly advise the homeowner to hire a licensed contractor for all electrical work
ESA permit before and inspection after the homeowner does any light installation is mandatory in Ontario

Recessed lights inside finished or into the existing drywall or plaster
How many recessed fixtures does a certified expert need to install in a room's drop ceiling

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