Electricity theft inspection in Toronto multi unit houses

Do I pay for the electricity used by somebody else?

Inspection by master electrician

Is neighbor drawing power from my meter?
Is another apartment connected to my breaker? Toronto Electricity Theft Inspection
Is general area lighting hooked up to my electrical panel?
Am I paying for electrical power used by another tenant or unit?
Consumption evaluation. Meter, panel and electrical system inspection


Electricity Theft Inspection in Toronto 647 800 5466

Call us in Mississauga to find out:

do I supply power to another unit
someone is stealing it from my panel
am I paying for stolen from me power?
someone is tapping my electricity illegally
another apartment is tapping into my meter
my hydro bill is unreasonably high Etobicoke
does anyone use my electricity in North York?

someone takes hydro from me but I pay for it in Toronto
does another apartment get electric power from my meter?
we detect electricity stealing and power theft & we do it fast
it costs from $300 to $400 to figure out if something is going on
fixing the problem and separating units and panels from each other
is a much more expensive job requiring multiple wall and ceiling cuts
to find the cable(s) going to another unit and then safely disconnecting it

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