Toronto Fuse Box Upgrade. House Electric Fuse Panel Replacement

Urgent troubleshooting and emergency electrical repairs

House 60 amp Service & Fuse Panel Replacement

New 100 amp or 200 amp breaker panel

New service conduit & meter box

Call right away if you are experiencing one of the following problems:

Double taps cause nuisance tripping because of doubled load
conduit damaged by fallen tree, broken meter base
water damage repair, overload troubleshooting
One breaker supplies power to 2 circuits
Lost voltage due to the bad weather
Two wires connected to one fuse
No power in a house in Toronto
burning smell from a switch
crackling or buzzing sound
arcing, charring, melting
two wires under one screw
two lines under one screw
water leaks into the panel
Blown fuse & lost power
visible arcing or sparks
occasional power loss
tripping main breaker
weird light behavior
Arc sizzling noise
Flickering lights
double tapping

The above are indicators of marginal, hazardous or emergency situations!

Emergency contractor repairs house power supply stack pipe, wires and meter damaged by the storm
Installs new building power supply stand pipe & meter damaged by a fallen tree
Electrician replaces damaged house main

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